Bumbo Baby Floor Seat with Tray - Blue - from 3 months

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The Bumbo Baby Floor Seat is the unique and original floor seat intended for very young children. It is made of polyurethane foam, which is tough and crushproof as well as soft and comfortable. Its ergonomic shape is specially designed to accommodate young children who cannot yet sit by themselves. It can be used for children with 3 months of age or more (if the child is able to hold his head upright).


The Bumbo seat supports the posture of your baby in a correct and safe way (see below its Benefits).


Bumbo is lightweight, easy to carry anywhere you want and easy to clean. It features a handy removable tray perfect for mealtimes.




- It helps to keep the spine in an upright position and trains the child to sit in the correct position


- Facilitates breathing


- Reduces the risk of reflux and choking after meals


- It helps prevent gas colic affecting children in the first months of life, facilitating the child in the issue of flatus


- Prevents or helps to improve the most widespread cranial deformations due to incorrect posture: plagiocephaly, pachicefalia and scaphocephaly, which can be developed by the child due to excessive use of the bouncer or to the position taken in the crib during sleep time and repeated over time


- Is recommended in the presence of hip dysplasia because it favours the realignment of the femoral head in its natural, or the cup


- Favours a better exploitation of the field of vision


- Allows the child to maintain the same position of the adult who is in front of him: this encourages his active participation in family life by facilitating interaction with people; strengthens his curiosity and ability to grasp the stimuli from the environment (unlike the bouncer, that forces him to maintain a semi-recumbent position reducing his field of vision and not encouraging interaction).


      • Color: Red
      • Age: 3-9 months
      • Ideal to be used from the moment the child is able to keep his head upright without aid
      • Unique design, specifically planned to encourage the correct posture of younger children
      • Material: 100% Bumbo polyurethane foam
      • Safe: 3-point safety belt
      • Dimensions: 47 x 34 x 22 cm. Weight: 2 kg
      • Cleaning: easy to clean with a soft cloth and detergent
      • Bumbo can be used on all flat surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, always under the supervision of an adult.
      • Bumbo has received prestigious awards in the medical field, for its efficient and functional design and is used in many Neuropsychiatry and Psychomotor departments and centers worldwide. Choose the best for the growth of your child.


How does it work:


Bumbo Floor Seat stabilizes the child causing a slight hip flexion that produces, at basin level, a slight anterior pelvic tilt which facilitates lumbar extension. This action, combined with the gentle curve in the back of the seat which embraces and follows the natural curve of the thoracic cage of the child, also constitutes a support for the trunk. The Bumbo seat, therefore, allows the child to move his head and torso independently, but without abandoning the correct upright position. In addition, not having to worry about maintaining the balance, the child is free to move his arms and to play or eat with his hands.

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