Kinder Valley Pod Moses Basket White Waffle White Wicker

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Suitable from new-born, the Kinder Valley White Waffle on White wicker is a perfect starter bed for your little one. This handmade wicker pod basket comes with a soft padded dimple surround, a matching dimple coverlet, and also includes a comfortable mattress to create a cosy sleeping space for your precious little one.

The mattress is water resistant and breathable allowing easy air movement and heat dissipation around your baby's body keeping them cosy all night long. The mattress is also washable. A good balance between comfort and style our Dimple Pod will ensure safe and sound sleeping for you and your baby.

  • Hand made wicker pod basket
  • Soft dimple bedding
  • Washable bedding set for your convenience
  • Breathable and water resistant mattress
  • Leather style handles
  • Fits our Little Gem Rocking Stand

Stand not included.

This product is suitable only for a child who cannot sit unaided, roll over and cannot push themselves up on its hands and knees.

Maximum weight of child: 9kg.

If the Moses basket is intended to be used with a stand, check that the dimensions of the latter correspond to those of the carry cot base.


  • Use only on a firm flat surface.
  • Do not let other children play near the Moses basket.
  • Do not use if any part is broken, torn or damaged.
  • Use only replacement parts approved by Kinder Valley.
  • Be aware of the risk of open fire and other source of strong heat, such as bar fires, gas fires etc. in the near vicinity of the Moses basket.
  • The base handles and their attachments should be inspected regularly for signs of damage and wear.
  • This is a natural product and may be affected by extremely dry or humid temperatures. Store away from direct heat.
  • This product should not be used as a carrycot. Under no circumstances should you carry your baby in the Moses basket. Handles are for easy portability of the Moses basket only.

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