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Kinderkraft EVERYDAY is a 2-in-1 multi-functional pushchair with a large carrycot and soft mattress (the cover is enriched with bamboo fibres to ensure good ventilation and quick moisture wicking). The large stroller seat with side protection enables installation facing towards or away from the direction of travel, makes the pushchair very versatile. It's also very light for its size.

EVERYDAY can hold up to 27 kg! It'll last you for years – not only is it durable, it's also extremely easy to steer. Thanks to the 360-degree swivel front wheels, which can be locked to drive straight, and the shock absorbers, EVERYDAY is suitable for both short city strolls and trips to the forest, irrespective of the weather! This pushchair also features adjustable shock absorption in the frame, thanks to which every trip will be comfortable for your little one. For even greater convenience, the set also includes a special carry strap.

The EVERYDAY pushchair comes with a cup holder, mosquito net, rain cover, leg warmer (separately for the carrycot and for the stroller), sun shade and universal adapters*.


    • The EVERYDAY 2-in-1 pushchair will last you and your child for many years – it's suitable for youngsters from birth up to 22 kg!
    • The pushchair can be used in three versions: classic pushchair (with a carrycot), and stroller, and thanks to the TRAVEL SYSTEM, car trips and everyday activities with your child (up to 13 kg) will be extremely easy and pleasant!
    • The EVERYDAY pushchair is ideal for all types of terrain – thanks to the four large wheels with shock absorbers made of durable rubber with increased resistance to abrasion and filled with puncture-resistant foam, EVERYDAY is perfect for both forest trails and pavements. It's great for everyday use and family trips.
    • EVERYDAY is easy to keep clean. The mattress, carrycot and stroller covers can be machine washed, as can the mosquito net and sun shade. The other elements just need to be wiped with a damp sponge.
    • Are you planning a longer shopping trip after your walk? Or perhaps your little one likes to take lots of toys with them? The pushchair is equipped with a spacious basket, which can be accessed from all sides so you can easily take out whatever you need. It has a capacity of 5 kg, meaning that shopping won't be a problem.
    • The pushchair comes with practical accessories that'll make your walks even more pleasant in all types of conditions. The EVERYDAY pushchair comes with a cup holder, mosquito net, rain cover, leg warmer (separately for the carrycot and for the stroller), sun shade and universal adapters*. 

    XL carrycot

    • The XL carrycot is ideal for children up to 9 kg (approximately 6 months) or until your little one starts to sit up, roll over and pull themselves up on their hands and knees unaided.
    • It has a large, deep hood with a pattern printed inside to draw your youngster's attention.
    • It has a soft mattress with a cover that's enriched with bamboo viscose fibres. The mattress is very good at wicking away moisture, ensures good air flow and has thermoregulating and antibacterial properties.
    • The carrycot can be folded flat to make transport a breeze and storage easier once your youngster grows into the stroller.


    • From birth (the safety harness can be adjusted to a newborn) to 22 kg.
    • The XL waterproof hood extends over 90 degrees and is made of UPF50+ material with a ventilation panel hidden under the material.
    • It's equipped with an additional sun shade and window through which you can see your youngster.
    • The backrest has a pocket for small items.
    • The seat can be installed facing towards or away from the parent.
    • The pushchair can be folded with the seat still attached (in either position).
    • The seat has side protection to additionally shield your little one from the wind.
    • The backrest can be adjusted to three positions using one hand: lie-flat, reclining, and sitting.
    • EVERYDAY has one of the longest seats on the market – when extended together with the backrest it measures 94 cm, meaning your child will be very comfortable.
    • Adjustable footrest with a mesh panel (makes cleaning easier) – can be adjusted to four positions.
    • The guard rail rotates 360 degrees and can be removed from both sides. It's covered with eco-leather.
    • It features a five-point safety harness with soft pads, which can be easily removed and machine washed.
    • The cover is also machine washable. 

    Folded pushchair dimensions:

    • Height: 36 cm
    • Width: 60 cm
    • Length: 80 cm


      • frame with stroller: 14.3 kg
      • seat: 4.5 kg,
      • frame: 9.8 kg,
      • frame + stroller: 14.3 kg,
      • carrycot: 5.9 kg,  

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