Kinderkraft Prime 3-in-1 Travel System - Grey (2020) + Full Accessories + Bag

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PRIME is three functions in one stroller. You will enjoy the company of the MINK seat and a deep, comfortable carrycot, from the first days of your baby’s life. Older children will enjoy a manoeuvrable and light pushchair, up to 22 kg.

Made of high quality materials, the stroller pleases the eye with its appearance and functionality. The shock absorbers installed in all wheels and the additionally cushioned frame, big and inflatable wheels, and the robust manoeuvrable design make this a specialised baby carriage. 


  • Multifunctional deep stroller
  • Car seat MINK included
  • Pushchair up to 22 kg
  • Aluminium and robust construction
  • Multi-stage, adjustable cushioning on the frame
  • Big, shock absorbing, inflatable rubber wheels
  • A comfortable stroller seat included
  • Elegant finish made of high quality materials
  • Foldable quickly and easily


  • The aluminium frame ensures that the structure of the stroller is both lightweight and robust
  • The adjustable, multi-stage side suspension allows for comfortable driving in all conditions
  • The frame can be easily folded to reduce its size
  • The stroller can be folded and unfolded without using any force, in an exceptionally simple manner
  • The frame can be folded together with the stroller's seat
  • The carrycot, stroller’s seat, or car seat are installed intuitively
  • The parental handle is covered with eco-leather and its height can be adjusted in the range from 85 cm to 108 cm
  • A large shopping basket 


  • All wheels are made of rubber, inflatable, bearing mounted, and cushioned
  • The rear wheels are very big (30 cm in diameter) have a central brake
  • The front wheels (20 cm in diameter) are manoeuvrable and rotatable 360 degrees, and they can be locked for straight-ahead driving
  • Easy wheel release system


  • Large, deep carrycot with a soft mattress for the smallest children
  • The tilt level of the carrycot’s bottom can be adjusted for greater comfort of the baby
  • The footmuff protects the child against wind, rain, and cold
  • The deep hood provides excellent protection against external factors. It also features an additional, retractable sun shield
  • The hood has an openable panel to ensure very good ventilation
  • The carrycot’s covering features reflective elements to improve safety


  • A comfortable pushchair's seat, with the possibility of mounting it front or back to the parent
  • Pushchair up to 22 kg
  • Smooth backrest adjustment from a seated position to a lying position
  • A 5-point safety harness with soft pads and adjustable height
  • Swivel safety bow, removable from all sides, covered with eco-leather
  • A footmuff protecting the child against wind, rain, and cold
  • Adjustable footrest
  • The deep hood provides excellent protection against external factors. It also features an additional, retractable sun shield
  • A window in the hood ensures constant contact between the parent and the Baby
  • There is a mesh at the back of the booth that provides even better ventilation on hot days
  • The pushchair’s covering features reflective elements to improve safety


  • For children weighing up to 13 kg (ECE Group I/II/III)
  • 3-point safety harness with simple length adjustment and soft pads
  • An insert for the youngest children
  • A sun shield kept in the back of the seat
  • The handle can be adjusted in 3 positions
  • Installed using 3-point car seat belts
  • Multifunctional - a carrier, a bouncy chair, and a car seat


  • The large, classic shopper bag will provide space for all the essentials you need for all kinds of outdoor activities
  • The bag can be hung on a variety of baby carriages or carried on its own
  • The bag is made of durable, waterproof material – resistant to dirt and abrasion
  • Easy to clean
  • Original design with stylish eco-leather handles
  • Partitions and a pocket to help organize the necessary accessories
  • Precise sewing guarantees you can enjoy using it for a long time
  • The bag comes with a compact, portable baby changing mat, matching the design of the bag
  • Two universal holders are included in the set, allowing you to attach the bag to different types of prams


  • A frame with wheels
  • A pushchair
  • A carrycot
  • Car seat MINK
  • A rain shield
  • Two footmuffs (one for the carrycot and one for the pushchair)
  • A bag with mounting clamps for the parent
  • A changing table
  • A wheel pump
  • Universal car seat adapters
  • A large shopping basket 


The adapters included in the set are compatible with the following car seats: Kinderkraft, Maxi Cosi®, Cybex®, and can be used with the following models (among others): Kinderkraft MINK, Cybex Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q and Maxi Cosi Mico, Mico AP, Mico NXT, Mico Max 30, Citi, Cabrio, and CabrioFix

Carton dimensions and weight:

92x57x54,5 cm/ 26kg

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