Kinderkraft Xpedition Car Seat + Isofix - Black

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Are you looking for one car seat that'll serve your child for many years? Learn all about XPEDITION: a 0-36 kg swivel car seat with ISOFIX that can be installed in the rearward and forward facing position (RWF up to 18 kg, FWF from 9 to 36 kg). It can be used by littlies in four weight groups (ECE 0+/I/II/III):

  • from birth up to 13 kg (ECE 0+ group),
  • from 9 to 18 kg (ECE I group),
  • from 15 to 25 kg (ECE II group),
  • from 22 to 36 kg (ECE III group).

 XPEDITION by Kinderkraft is a swivel car seat (360 degrees) with an integrated base – this enables you to easily and quickly turn the car seat sideways towards the door so you can effortlessly put your little one in and secure them using the safety harness. Depending on the age group, the car seat is installed using the ISOFIX system, TOP TETHER strap and/or the car's seat belts.


    • EASY SPIN 360° – this enables you to easily and quickly turn the car seat sideways, so you can effortlessly put your baby inside. Thanks to this option, you'll also find it easier to take them out.
    • RECLINING SYSTEM – allows the angle of incline of the car seat to be adjusted using one hand. This means you can conveniently adapt the car seat angle to your child's needs, thus increasing their comfort during car trips. The car seat has five positions: one RWF and four FWF.
    • EASY GROW SYSTEM – enables quick and simultaneous adapting of the height of the head restraint (seven positions) and the internal safety harness to your youngster's height. Thanks to this, the safety harness and head restraint are even better tailored to your child.
    • Extensive adjustment options – the wide range of adjustment and large seat enable you to use the car seat for both younger and older children.


      • Base: PP
      • Shell: EPS, PP
      • Cover: polyester

       Weight: 12.5 kg

       Car seat dimensions:

      • Depth: 64 – 77 cm (depending on the setting)
      • Height: 53-69 cm
      • Width : 45 cm


      • Width: 27 cm (with internal insert) – 29 cm (without insert)
      • Depth: up to 33 cm


      • Height: 47-66 cm
      • Width : 26-30 cm
      • Head restraint width: 14 cm

       Depth of side protection: up to 19 cm


      • Height of base: 11 cm (with ISOFIX), 7 cm – the front at the reclining mechanism
      • Width and depth of base: 36 x 52.5 cm


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