Nuby Natural Touch Digital Electric Breast Pump

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Kick back, relax (as much as you can anyway), & let this Digital Electric Breast Pump take care of the rest with it's nifty digital stimulation & expression functions. 


Reliable & efficient sound good to you? This digital electric breast pump is the one for you, whatever size your boobs are.  

Stimulate your boobs (phase 1 - stimulation mode) & encourage milk let-down (phase 2 - expression mode) with this quiet (yes quiet hooray!) & discreet pump. The digital display means you can easily see during the day or night (even if you can barely open your eyes…) with 5 settings for both suction & speed so you can adjust to suit your flow rate too.

Yes breast pumps can be daunting to look at but with this digital pump not only is it super comfy (with the soft silicone shield), easy to use & clean but you can also simply charge up at the mains or use a battery pack (available separately) to express away from home.  Convenience at it’s best.


  • Digital Electric Breast Pump - the ideal everyday pumping partner with stimulation & expression functions
  • Digital display panel perfect for night time expressing with 5 settings for suction & speed so you can adjust to suit your flow rate.
  • Removable soft silicone shield for added comfort
  • Quiet & discreet, with a clock to monitor expression time 
  • Convenient for on the go - either charge at the mains or use a battery pack to express away from home (available separately online) 


Boxed Contents: 1 x Nuby Digital Electric Breast Pump with digital display, 1 x 180ml Combat Colic Bottle with Slow Flow Teat, 1 x Standing cradle, 1 x Mains Adapter Plug, 1 x Bottle Adapter to attach Nuby bottle for collecting milk, 1 x Dummy


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