Nuby Penguin Cry Sensor Sleep Aid

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Super soft and cute, nuby comforting cry sensor light and sound sleep aid offers four different sounds to soothe baby to sleep, allowing you an opportunity to get some sleep too! if your little one wakes within 3 hours of the sound stoping, it will start the soothing sound again for a further 30 minutes. pebble the penguin is beyond cute and your little one will make them their new best friend instantly. with 2 different types of white noise as well as a heartbeat and a lullaby that plays for 30 minutes, this sleep aid is sure to calm your baby whenever you need. there's 3 volume levels and the soft glow in pebble the penguin's squishy tummy can be adjusted too so you can choose the perfect glow for your little one. the soft glow can also be useful for you when you're checking on your baby during the night but can also offer them comfort if they wake up themselves too as it mimics the womb environment. the cry sensor function will automatically activate if your little one wakes up crying during the night or you can set it manually to play the sound of your choice. the unisex design looks great sat on a bedside table in the nursery and with a secure velcro fastening, it can also easily be attached to a pushchair or car seat; perfect for when you're on the go! follow these simple steps to make the most of your new little pebble the penguin light and sound sleep aid: click pebble the penguin's left flipper once for white noise and click again for the comforting heartbeat noise. click pebble the penguin's right flipper once to start playing the lullaby and click again for white noise. click pebble the penguin's left foot to control the volume up and down and also use this foot to leave him in listening mode when he will automatically start to play the last sound played. click the flipper of the sound you prefer for 2 seconds. this selects the sound you want to soothe your baby if they wake up during the next 3 hours. if no sound is detected, pebble will go to sleep and the sensor will be deactivated until reset.


Set Contains:

1x Penguin Cry Sensor

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